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ALICE Report

The ALICE Report was put together by United Way in conjunction with a research team from Rutgers University to better understand the dynamics of "the working poor". These people are employed, but live paycheck to paycheck due to high rents, day care costs, and transportation challenges. They are usually one financial set-back away from becoming homeless. 

ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. It serves to provide us with better data about this often overlooked population. In Monroe County, ALICE families are numerous due to the incredibly high cost of living in the Keys. United Way of the Florida Keys hopes that by utilizing the information in this report, we can more effectively address this population's unique needs. 

United Way of Florida has released their 2017 ALICE Report for Florida. To see the UPDATED budget for ALICE families in Monroe County and the Keys, click here. To see the UPDATED Report in its entirety, click here