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How to LIVE UNITED in 2017


“In order to carry a positive action we must develop a positive vision.”

– Dalai Lama


How to LIVE UNITED in 2017:


·       Become embedded in our community. Volunteer. Cook a meal at your local food pantry. Start helping students with their homework at an after school program. Visit an elder with no family in the area. Get to know people not only in your social circle, but also in the community at large.


·       Give freely. Not only financially, but with your time, commitment, and heart. Demonstrate community caring by supporting those who need help the most—those who are most afraid to seek it, or who don’t know where to look.


·       Appreciate your friends and neighbors. Thank those who have supported you. Make new friends, and welcome them gratefully into your life.


·       Make your voice heard. Speak out for change and help better others’ situations. Communicate with your local policymakers about the issues you care about, as well as those state-wide and throughout our national.


·       Be proactive. Instead of only focusing on the challenges affecting our community, imagine the possibilities and focus on solutions.


·       Make yourself an example for others through generosity, kindness, and strength of spirit.


Happy 2017!






by Chelsea Wait