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Hurricane Irma Relief

UWFK’s Irma Relief fund is being distributed to nonprofits and individuals throughout Monroe County. Thanks to the generous contributions of friends and supporters around the world, this fund has enabled UWFK to allocate over $1,000,000 in direct aid for hurricane recovery throughout Monroe County.
UWFK  has already distributed over $600,000 to our community partners and we are committed to assisting with mid- and long-term recovery efforts.  Click here for our most recent newsletter, with updates about our hurricane relief throughout the Keys.  

For information on where and how the hurricane funding has been disbursed, keep reading. COMING SOON:  Here are some stories of how those funds have made a difference.  

So far, UWFK has invested more than $600,000 in  hurricane relief efforts to 31 community partners throughout Monroe County.  The UWFK Board of Directors committed additional funds for direct aid and case management to assist families and individuals struggling with the effects of the storm. UWFK is helping our community rebuild. Our focus will go beyond the immediate impact to also include mid and long-term recovery efforts. This assistance is part of UWFK’s mission to support working families in the community.

Within 1 week and again at week 3 immediately following Hurricane Irma, the United Way of the Florida Keys disbursed two rounds of mini-grant funding intended to provide fast financial assistance to local, previously vetted agencies already assisting with hurricane relief efforts in the Keys.  Through the 16 partners who received funding, UWFK provided assistance to over 1300 Keys families.  In addition, 1 partner leveraged United Way funding for additional grants from 4 other foundations or organizations.  Mini-grants totaled $116,500, plus the matching grants.  Grants were used to meet the following needs, in these approximate amounts:

Beyond the immediate assistance described above, below is a list of the 31 agencies we have funded for hurricane relief, and the total funds disbursed as of January 25 through our 5 funding cycles thus far.