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Poverty Simulation at Leadership Monroe County

UWFK hosted a Poverty Simulation for the Leadership Monroe County on Saturday, February 3. 

Each participant was placed in a ‘household’ with specific parameters for their income, expenses, access to transportation, and housing situation.  Then, they walked through four 'weeks’ of meeting their family’s needs within those parameters.  Some participants ended up in jail, some lost their homes, and some participated in ‘illegal activities’ to help meet their family’s needs. 

Afterward, the group discussed what issues arose for their household and what they as people and leaders learned about what it is like to live in poverty daily.  The simulation gave these community leaders an opportunity to experience the circumstances of the 48% of families in Monroe County who are struggling to survive. 

Thank you to Leadership Monroe County for inviting us to host this event.  We hope that it made an impact on the hearts and minds of those who participated, giving them a more realistic sense of what it means to be an ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained but Employed) family in our county and creating an impetus to drive change in our community.