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UWFK Hurricane Irma Relief Funding

Thanks to the generous contributions of friends and supporters around the nation, UWFK is currently investing $397,700 in direct aid for hurricane recovery efforts throughout Monroe County.


In the weeks immediately following the storm, UWFK has distributed over $20,000 in direct aid in the form of store gift cards and cleaning supplies and tools. $52,700 in emergency "mini-grants" were also disbursed to eight local, established partner nonprofits serving individuals and families directly impacted by the storm. Additionally, $45,000 was dedicated towards hotel rooms to assist residents in the Upper Keys without housing due to Irma related damages to their homes.


This week, UWFK will allocate another $80,000 in additional "mini-grants" to sixteen previously vetted partner agencies listed below:


·         Burton Memorial Church serving the Upper Keys

·         Florida Keys Children's Shelter serving children Keys-wide

·         Florida Keys Outreach Coalition serving Keys-wide

·         Florida Keys Healthy Start Coalition serving Keys-wide

·         MARC serving adults Keys-wide

·         Domestic Abuse Shelter serving Keys-wide

·         Independence Cay serving the Middle Keys

·         KAIR serving the Middle Keys

·         Marathon Lutheran School serving the Middle Keys

·         Marathon Rec Center serving the Middle Keys

·         Star of the Sea Outreach Mission serving Keys-wide

·         Wesley House Family Services serving Keys-wide and at the Inez Martin Childcare Center in Key West

·         Southernmost Boys & Girls Clubs serving the Lower Keys

·         Bahama Village Music Program serving Key West

·         Metropolitan Community Church serving Key West

·         Womenkind serving Key West 


Further, an application for an additional $100,000 worth of funding is open to any human service nonprofit engaged in hurricane recovery and rebuilding efforts at


The UWFK Board of Directors has committed another $100,000 for direct aid and case management to assist families and individuals struggling with the effects of the storm. With support from generous friends and neighbors, UWFK is helping rebuild communities. Their focus will go beyond the immediate impact to focus on mid and long-term recovery. This is part of United Way’s ongoing work to support community rebuilding, a role they play after first responders’ work is done.