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UWFK Site Visits

Agency site visits are a hallmark of United Ways across the country. They are an opportunity for interested community volunteers to deepen their understanding of United Way’s work and impact throughout the community. Site visits also make it possible for volunteers and UWFK board members evaluate the work of prospective partner agencies, seeing first-hand the work they do.

This year, UWFK’s site visits started on Monday, April 17th. A team of community members and staff, led by board chair Maria Jones, visited potential partner agency programs throughout the Upper Keys. On Tuesday, April 18th, UWFK vice chair Trich Worthington led another team on visits to potential partner agencies in the Marathon area. This was the first year that UWFK had separate tours in Marathon and the Upper Keys due to an increase in applications—UWFK received applications from four completely new agencies this year! Staff and board members were excited to tour the new groups!

On Wednesday, UWFK secretary Cheryl Sargent led a group through several Key West applicant agencies and on Thursday, treasurer Denise Preuss led a team through the remainder. At a local food pantry, volunteers learned how safe, reliable transportation can multiply food access across Monroe County.

Overall, community volunteers were overwhelmed by the scope of the work done by these amazing agencies. Because of them, parents can work, knowing their children have somewhere safe to go during the day, after school, and throughout the summer. Families who can’t afford the cost of groceries can provide home-cooked meals for their children.

UWFK would like to extend our sincerest thanks to each agency that applied for funding, as well as to the many community volunteers who gave so much of their time and energy to help understand the work of our potential nonprofit partners. Thank you!

*Two Boys and Girls Clubs members lead site visit volunteers through the Boys and Girls Club in Key West.

*Volunteers learn about the work done at Bahama Village Music Program.

*Volunteers learn about the work being done at Marathon Lutheran Church.

*Thursday's group orientation at FKAA!