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Wells Fargo and UWFK Volunteer Project

On March 30th, UWFK worked with a team of Wells Fargo executives from around the country to construct literacy kits for Monroe County school children. Facilitating Literacy Kit volunteer projects is one of our favorite tasks at UWFK, as we’ve worked in the past using the volunteer power of local rotaries to help create crafts and fill backpacks with books for young students throughout the Keys.

The Wells Fargo group spent time putting together academically minded projects to be placed in backpacks, along with two free books for students. The books were donated by the Friends of the Key West Library and First Book. Some of the craft projects volunteers personalized included spelling flashcards, magnetic alphabet squares, rhyming trees, popsicle stick shapes, and spelling puzzles. Volunteers assembled over two hundred kits with four hundred books!

Every summer, low-income youth lose two to three months in reading while their higher-income peers make slight gains. UWFK uses the literacy kit projects to ensure that all children in Monroe County have access to the educational materials they need to be academically successful. The crafts inside the kits help children practice spelling and reading in fun and creative ways. The kits will be distributed during late May with the help of Monroe County Reading Specialist, Sarah Morton. 

Thank you to everyone who made this project possible!

*UWFK board member, Nikki Dunn Cullen, guides volunteers through making rhyming trees.

*Ann Sandlin guides volunteers through projects.

* A Wells Fargo volunteer creates spelling puzzles.