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This Month at UWFK


Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

If you are a nonprofit supporting relief and recovery efforts due to Hurricane Irma, please click here for an application for UWFK funding. 

UWFK’s Irma Relief fund will be distributed to smaller nonprofits throughout Monroe County who may not have the capacity to generate their own funds. Thanks to the generous contributions of friends and supporters around the nation, this fund has enabled UWFK to distribute $397,700 in direct aid for hurricane recovery efforts throughout Monroe County.

In addition to the work we have already done, UWFK will allocate another $80,000 in additional "mini-grants" to all sixteen vetted partner agencies listed on our website, including Florida Keys Outreach Coalition and Star of the Sea Mission Outreach. Further, an application for an additional $100,000 worth of funding is open to any human service nonprofit engaged in hurricane recovery and rebuilding efforts.

To buy tickets to the CONCH UNITED MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017 Sponsored By Gulfstream Park, click here.  

For information about Keys recovery efforts, click here.





UWFK stays busy all year long recruiting volunteers, working with dedicated partners throughout the community, serving those in need, and finding ways to advance our giving. For updates on UWFK's most recent events, check out our blog here.




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