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LIVE UNITED Louisiana Flooding

The strength of the United Way network is immense. While each United Way, like ours here in the Florida Keys, is its own, separate 501 c(3) nonprofit organization, we often have the opportunity to work together to affect change. Sometimes we share educational or learning opportunities, sometimes we work together on branding or marketing efforts, and sometimes we come together in support of communities suffering from large crises. United Ways across the nation and the world are committed to helping our friends and neighbors, whether they are near or far.

The recent devastating flooding in Louisiana is a prime example of United Ways coming together. In the face of overwhelming need, our United Way network put out an unusual request—an ask for extra LIVE UNITED t-shirts from other United Ways. This need arose because of an outpouring of volunteer support on the ground in Louisiana. So many individuals were offering their time and effort to help assist with clean-up efforts that Louisiana United Ways didn’t have enough t-shirts to give them all!

After the request went out, Neil Parekh, Director of Network Communications for United Way Worldwide, stated that more than 100 United Ways offered to send 3,000 t-shirts. United Way of the Florida Keys was one of them. We are proud to see our community represented by those who have so generously given their time, energy, and abilities to helping clean up the wreckage from the Louisiana flooding.

If you would like to know what you can do to help assist flooding efforts, please click here