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Our Focus

UWFK focuses on three main areas: education, food, and safety net services.

Education: Our education programs focus on early childhood and after care support with an educational or positive behavioral component. We fund after school programs with varied focuses (music, academics, athletics), as well as daytime child development centers. In each of these locations, UWFK funds provide scholarships for children who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend. We believe that by investing in early childhood education and helping vulnerable children in our community, we are creating a brighter future for all of the Florida Keys.

Food: Our food programs focus on providing access to nutritious meals for people in critical need. We fund food pantries, soup kitchens, food distribution methods, and meal programs catered to the needs of specific populations. UWFK has chosen to focus on food/nutrition because we believe that basic needs must be met in order for communities to reach their full potential.

Safety Net: Our safety net program focuses on referral and short term emergency response services.  We publish a Community Resource Guide that provides the public with information and referral to medical, psychological, childcare, housing, and other services.  We also partner with other local, nonprofits who provide direct safety net services.  UWFK believes that access and availability are paramount in building safe, thriving communities.