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Can you help me or someone I know find find a shelter, medical treatment, or other social services?   
You can click here for a directory of Florida Keys organizations that might able to help.  While the United Way does not provide services directly, we will do our best to refer you to one of the agencies we fund or our Interagency Council Partners.

Why should I give to United Way of the Florida Keys?
A gift to the United Way is an investment that benefits all of Monroe County.  Each year we have a detailed process to select the best charitable programs so that your money is diversified.  Your money is also highly leveraged,  Every dollar you give is counted as an important donation and matched by as much as 16:1 by state, corportate, and other grants.  Your gift will help fund a program that will make a difference in someone's life.

Will my donation to United Way of the Florida Keys stay in the Florida Keys?
YES!  All money raised for United Way of the Florida Keys stays in the Keys.

What is the easiest way to contribute?
The easiest way is what's easiest for YOU!  Payroll deduction is by far the most convenient method of contribution for many Keys employees.  A small amount is taken from your paycheck each payday, allowing you to make a small contribution each pay period that can make a difference in the course of a year.  You can also donate online or mail a check to: United Way of the Florida Keys, P.O. Box 2143, Key West, FL 33045.  

All gifts are tax deductible as required by law. Gifts of $1000+ per year (spouses can combine their amounts) qualify for recognition as Leadership givers.