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MCSD United Way Workplace Campaign

Monroe County School District’s United Way Workplace Campaign

Leah Stockton, Keys Area President, discusses the impact of the Monroe County School District's workplace giving campaign Learn how your donations serve our community and how school district employees sign up to participate in the workplace giving campaign.  

With offices in Key West and Naples, the United Way of Collier and the Keys serves the needs of local communities. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we provide direct programs and fund local nonprofits supporting the health, education, and financial stability of hard-working individuals and families. 
In the Florida Keys, we support food pantries, homelessness prevention services, afterschool and preschool programs, and health services with the funding they need to serve our communities’ most at-risk people. In times of crisis, our United Way is a key player in the long-term recovery, bringing together stakeholders and caring individuals like you to ensure that those affected have the resources they need to fully rebuild their lives.
Megan is one example of how United Way helps families in Monroe County.  Megan is a fifth-grade student in the Lower Keys and an avid soccer player. She had been having abdominal pains, but her family had no health insurance to take her to a doctor. Thankfully, they were able to bring her to her school’s free Florida Keys AHEC clinic, underwritten by the United Way of Collier and the Keys. The medical staff there determined that her condition was potentially serious and began escalating her case. A few hours later, she was at the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami undergoing surgery to treat her ruptured appendix. AHEC, with the support of United Way, helped her survive a potentially life-threatening illness. Her story is dramatic, but it is not unique. Every day, donors’ gifts to our United Way are touching the lives of people in meaningful, vital ways.
You can help Keys residents who are struggling to meet their daily needs by participating in the school district’s United Way workplace campaign and designating a donation to UWCK.  Be sure to watch the linked video at the tope of the page where Leah Stockton, Keys Area President, discusses the impact of your MCSD workplace giving campaign.
To help make a difference and donate through payroll deduction, contact Jerian Winn in the HR department at extension 53328.  To make a one-time or other recurring donation, go to
Thank you for your commitment to our school children and for supporting the work of United Way, helping our neighbors in the Keys.  Together, we can #LiveUnited.