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UWCK Partners with City of Key West for Pandemic Relief

UWCK partnered with the City of Key West again in early 2021, to distribute City monies in an effort to help keep community members healthy and safe, stabilize households and retain residents here in Key West. Between January 11 and March 31, the City provided a total of $276,081 in direct assistance to residents and workers. 
City funding allowed local nonprofit partners to provide the following services: 
  • Over $47,000 for healthy food
  • Nearly $34,000 for medical expenses/mental health treatment
  • $29,000 for utilities and basic needs
  • $166,061 in rental assistance helped 49 households (77 adults and 40 children)
All together, this funding helped stabilize 6,297 individuals in our community during this time of incredible uncertainty. UWCK partnered with nine local agencies to assist these individuals. Thank you to these partners!
  • AH Monroe
  • Catholic Charities
  • Florida Keys Outreach Coalition 
  • Guidance/Care Center
  • Metropolitan Community Church
  • Samuel’s House
  • SOS Foundation
  • Sister Season
  • Womankind
Patrice Schwermer of Catholic Charities shared a story of family she had assisted through the rental assistance program. He had missed work for some time due to having COVID-19 and had fallen behind on his rent. He later called Schwermer back to express his gratitude, sharing that he was back to work and able to pay his rent going forward but that the rental assistance he had received was crucial to covering the income gap created by lost wages during quarantine. In fact, to show his appreciation, he even offered to provide maintenance services to Catholic Charities in the future.
These programs have wrapped up, but needs remain. If you can help other families in the community who are still struggling with the effects of the pandemic, please consider making a donation at