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Reef Restoration

United Way Awards $2.1 Million to Support Local Reef Restoration 
On May 20 at an event in Key Largo, UWCK announced a total of $2.1 million awarded to Reef Renewal USA and Coral Restoration Foundation for reef restoration efforts at Carysfort Reef off North Key Largo and Sombrero Reef off Marathon.  Both are in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  More details are available in the press release.  Click on the photo for more pictures from the event.
UWCK is pleased to coordinate the Restoring the Florida Keys through Reef Restoration and Beyond project, working with NOAA Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary's Mission: Iconic Reefs project. As part of our commitment to strengthen the community, UWCK aims to create an environment for Keys residents to thrive. From creating jobs, to providing opportunities for education, to rebuilding the backbone of the community - the coral reefs can help our Florida Keys residents achieve financial stability through this initiative.
We’re excited to see what our local coral reef restoration practitioners have in store for rejuvenating the Florida Keys coral reef ecosystem that so many of us depend on for income and protection for our coastline. Education, outreach, jobs and internships will be included in these efforts.
UWCK is pleased to work alongside the United Arab Emirates, reef restoration partners and the Keys community to restore our reefs and support our community’s future.  In February 2020, the UAE granted $3.5 million in funds to help restore seven iconic reefs in the Florida Keys. The donation launched one of the largest investments in reef restoration in the world and was part of a larger $10 million pledge to the state of Florida for Hurricane Irma relief efforts. 
Complementing the reef restoration components of the UAE-UWCK reef revitalization partnership, education is critical to the sustainability of this bold project investing in the future of the Florida Keys. We are proud to announce the UWCK Marine Science Education Grant – Creating the Next Generation of Reef Stewards
Our goal is that educating children to engage in stewardship and conservation from a young age will change habits and behaviors resulting in long-term success for the community and the inter-dependent ocean environment. This program supports 5 school years, beginning with 2021-22, and the annual application period is August 15-September 15. More information about this grant opportunity for marine educators.  
Questions about the UWCK Reef Revitalization project an be addressed to Jessica Dockery via email or at 305-619-6605.