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City of Key West Partners with UWCK for $164,000 in Rental Assistance, and More

The City of Key West has partnered with United Way of Collier and the Keys (UWCK) for $164,000 in rental assistance, as part of a COVID-19 relief proposal approved by the Commission on January 5.  The goal is to stabilize households and retain residents here in Key West. 
To be eligible for this program, you must: 
  • have documented significant financial hardship as a result of COVID-19, AND 
  • be a City of Key West resident or a Stock Island resident who works in Key West 
Currently, $164,000 is available for rental assistance: 
  • To apply, residents should contact ONE of the intake agencies: AH of Monroe (305-293-3670, all languages available); Catholic Charities (305-292-9790 ext.4, Spanish available); Florida Keys Outreach Coalition (305-293-8189); Samuel’s House (305-296-0240); or Sister Season Fund (305-304-9828). 
  • Each agency will be using the same application process: compiling all client documentation such as a lease, proof of income and photo ID, etc., and completing all necessary forms. Details on the requirements can be found at under ‘Rental Assistance’. 
  • Residents should apply as soon as possible. Assistance is available first come, first serve until funds are exhausted. 
  • The streamlined process is designed to quickly and efficiently provide this funding directly to landlords, assisting qualified residents who struggle to pay their rent due to the financial consequences of the pandemic.
UWCK is leading this collaborative effort offering support with rental assistance as well as food, medical care, and utilities and basic needs. These are the greatest needs currently identified in the community, and as the situation evolves, funds will be directed accordingly to continue to address residents’ challenges. More information on these programs and a complete listing of health and human services information and resources can be found at