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UWCK Receives GEM Award from Monroe County School District

United Way of Collier and the Keys – Community GEMS

United Way of Collier and the Keys has been a partner with the Monroe County School District for many years and their support has come in a variety of ways.  The Stuff the Bus Campaign, an annual event spearheaded by the United Way, brought in a record breaking $45,000 in donations this year, providing gift cards to schools to buy needed supplies for students and staff.  
Their work with the United Arab Emirates has resulted in grants to our schools in the area of marine science education, funding field trips and resources including an online resource guide.  They help not only with the underserved students, but all of our students in learning environmental responsibility.  
Another example of their work is serving as the lead agency for the local Covid-19 Health and Human Services Coordination, enabling multiple organizations to connect to provide support to our students and families during the pandemic.  
It’s truly wonderful to have a partner like United Way of Collier and the Keys in our quest to support our needy students.  They have made a tremendous impact through their wonderful advocacy on so many fronts.  They are truly a community treasure and we are proud to award them with the distinguished Community GEMS (Great Educational Moments for Students) Award.
We are proud to work with the school district to help our students and teachers through efforts like Stuff the Bus, our new Marine Science Resource Guide (, marine science grants and more.  Thank you Monroe County School District for honoring us and for your partnership!